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          1. MinTech (Tianjin) Minerals Co., Ltd.
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            Product Name: MT-BOND-II
            Product category: Powerful Mycotoxin adsorbent
            Upload time: 2010-3-18
            Views: 4406

               MT-BOND-II mold plastic pigment in Matt - mycotoxin adsorbent, based on the physical surface, mainly through special processing to achieve in addition to high aflatoxin adsorption capabilities, especially for non-polar toxin (zearalenone, Fusarium mycotoxin, ochratoxin, vomiting toxin, T-2 toxin, etc.) greatly increased the adsorption capacity.
            The product has the following characteristics:
            • Security: raw ingredients for the ion of pure natural mineral raw materials, without any additive, without any side effects. Products only through the digestive system, do not enter the blood circulation.
            • Efficiency: Super adsorption capacity, adsorption rate of 99% or more.
            • broad-spectrum: absorption of various fungal mycotoxin effect is remarkable. Both the laboratory and in vivo experiments to prove the products in a variety of fungal toxins results are quite clear, in the test project over a variety of internationally renowned products.
            • long-term nature: As the components of natural minerals, and only through the physical process, so round of medicine, not resistance. Products can be used at any time and effective.
            • Optional: a variety of experimental results show that MT-BOND-2 virus and various bacterial toxins and strong adsorption, adsorption of nutrients or without nutrient absorption is minimal. In vivo study that the use of this product may improve feed efficiency and productivity.
            • Applicability: apply to all livestock and poultry feed.
            • No toxicity: other and may be taken to feed itself with toxins such as dioxin in the mineral feed additives different from the product through the U.S. EPA identified two independent laboratories and the Chinese Government designated the authority of the laboratory tests to determine the product does not contain dioxin.
            After the U.S. EPA certified laboratory testing of two independent authority and the authority of the Chinese government designated laboratory testing fully established, the product does not dioxin levels were detected, indeed pure, non-toxic products. The purity of the product is better than similar international products.

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