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          1. MinTech (Tianjin) Minerals Co., Ltd.
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            Tianjin, P. R. China
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            Product Name: MT-SORB MIN-FRESH
            Product category: Air purifier
            Upload time: 2010-3-22
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              MT-SORB MIN-FRESH

              MT-SORB MIN-FRESH, by the U.S. Maytag main researchers on the mineral raw materials based on 20 years of research, using several kinds of natural ion through a unique formula of mineral raw materials processed. The product is a topical natural mineral products, mainly its high ive adsorption on the living environment (such as residential houses, office environment, public places, etc.) and animal sheds in the air to play fast and long-lasting purification, so as to improve living environment and animal breeding environment, and increase the yield results. Not cover the use of the product there is bad smell, but to remove these odors,
            Really play a functional effect of clean air. The product has the following characteristics:
            Security: from high ive adsorption of pure natural mineral composition. Direct contact person or animal without any side effects.
            Broad spectrum: on musty and a variety of odors, chemical odors are fast, long-lasting Adsorption. These gases include cigarette smoke, ammonia, methane gas, formaldehyde gas, hydrocarbon gas, gasoline, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide gas.
            Long-term nature: the number of products per gram of millions of tiny pores with surface activity to Matt cool - there are long-term net gas adsorption capacity of spirit.
            Renewable: Matt cool under different circumstances - have a different spirit net gas adsorption saturation time, and if Matt cool - the Spirit of net gas adsorption capacity decreased significantly, as long as simple to Matt cool - on the outside of net gas Ling or sheds where outside ventilation can put some time and then reused. If there is sun dry and ventilated environment, the regeneration more efficient.
            Treatment of waste can be: the product can be used ordinary household waste disposal drained, or you can do in the animal pens in a one-time use of moisture absorption agent.
            You are welcome to contact us to obtain more detailed product information.

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